WeChat For PC

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Install WeChat On PC for Free Messages and Calls
WeChat has managed to enter the world of the best messaging services available, and this thing changed each day, as the number of members increased. In this respect, the service has more than 300 million users and its simplicity makes it a suitable choice for those who want to keep in touch with their friends and relatives. For that reason, I want to tell you that now; you have the possibility to install WeChat on PC, in a couple of minutes.

With WeChat installed on a desktop computer, you have access to plenty of interesting features and options. If you are not aware of what WeChat for PC can offer you, let me just show you some of the most attractive and interesting features you can get along with WeChat for PC.
Social Features on WeChat for PC

WeChat has many fun social features that are not to be found on most messaging apps available for download. These social features allow you to search and chat with random people, who are using the application. Moreover, as a registration method, you can easily use your Facebook account. This will automatically sign you in to the application. In the same time, you can also share and like photos as you do within WeChat.


Look Around

This feature allows you to directly connect with random people that are around you. in order to use this feature, you need to enable “Locations” in order to make matches. At this point, you can see the user’s name, custom status, their profile pictures, and the distance from you. As you can see, you can start a conversation with almost anybody near you. As you may imagine, when you use this feature, other users can look out for you, as well.


This feature​ allows you to meet random people not too far from you. It offers you a random person, a person that uses Shake as well, and you can chat with it. If you shake again, you can choose to get another random person. Again, if you are in Shake mode, other people can shake you, as well.
Drift Bottle

Drift Bottle is another useful and cool feature to play with. You can toss digital messages into a bottle and send them to sea. This will allow random people to pick up your message, keep it, delete it, or reply to it. Your messages can be in the form of text or short audio clips. In case you do not want to connect with a tosser, feel free to disable this feature from Settings > Features.

Hold to Talk

The last feature that I want to show you I find to be pretty useful, especially when you do not have enough time to write a message back. Hold to talk feature allows you to record a message, and send it as an audio record. Your message goes as a voice recording and not as text after voice search.
As you can see, it is pretty simple to make use of WeChat for PC in order to communicate with all your friends and family. If you follow our guides, you can easily download WeChat on Windows and start using its features and options.